Hive Coffee Company

As I walked into Hive Coffee Company, the first thing that immediately struck me was how light and airy it is.

Streams of sunlight flooded through the huge bay windows, lighting up the whole space.

Hive Coffee Company is situated in the newly-renovated Jarrow Hall. As this is a listed building, owners Sarah and Eve were limited with what colours they could decorate the café as they must fit with the building’s Georgian heritage.

The walls are painted three different shades of grey which makes for a calming and relaxed environment.

The bee theme is subtly continued throughout. There are little hints of bees everywhere, from bee pollen lattes to the wooden counter carved in the hexagonal pattern of a beehive.

The idea behind Hive Coffee Company was to make it a hub of activity, much like a bee hive; somewhere with a real buzz where people could gather.

I can definitely imagine it being busy on a sunny weekend morning. The back doors open out onto the grounds which I am sure will have outside seating when the weather permits.

We were treated to a selection of tasters served on slate boards.

The main dishes included wraps with two different fillings; lamb, minted peas and chilli and chickpea falafel.

There were also quiches and a range of salads to choose from. Everything was totally fresh and the salads were unlike any I have had before. They were really unusual and so far removed from just the few limp lettuce leaves and slice of tomato you so often get in a café.

The food is all natural and locally sourced where possible and can be adapted to suit vegans.

Once I had filled up on savoury foods, I was ready to try the selection of cakes and biscuits that I had been eyeing up for some time.

I made sure I tried one of every cake- all in the name of research of course.

There was vanilla sponge, chocolate cake, Easter crispie cakes topped with mini eggs and chocolate biscuits.

It’s a tough call but the vanilla sponge was probably my favourite, it was so moist and fluffy.

I can see Hive Coffee Company doing very well; I’m sure it will be hard to resist the lure of specialty hot drinks, tasty, fresh food and homemade cakes.


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