KFC and #cleaneating: A match made in campaign heaven

KFC got everyone talking recently when they teased a video of a new clean eating burger.

When you think of KFC, clean eating and health aren’t the first things that spring to mind.

But the fast-food chain decided to get in on the #cleaneating action with a tongue-in-cheek promotion.

To promote their new burger, The Dirty Louisiana, KFC created fictional blogger Figgy Poppleton-Rice.

She has her own blog, Twitter and Instagram pages and starred in an advert showing people how to make KFC’s #cleaneating burger, made from spiralised chicken breast with ice cube relish and unsweetened almond yoghurt on a cauliflower bun.

Thanks to some clever social media listening, KFC realised they could get in on the popular #cleaneating trend, without having to compromise on their food.

Brand Manager for KFC UK and Ireland, Jack Foley, told PRWeek they aimed to “challenge the joylessness of clean eating”.

KFC teased the burger first. The initial trailer did a great job in creating a conversation, it received 4.6 million views and over 16,000 shares.

Everyone was asking whether KFC were serious. Could they really be releasing a healthy burger or was it a joke? This became a great talking point and KFC were trending on Facebook and Twitter when the campaign launched in the UK.

After the initial  tease, the big reveal came a week later. The full trailer shows The Dirty Louisiana crashing on top of the #cleaneating burger as the voiceover says: “Nothing satisfies like the Dirty Louisiana. It’s finger-licking good.”

I think what KFC have done is really clever. They have tapped into a popular social media trend that they wouldn’t normally have been able to engage with.

By teasing a made-up product with a fictional blogger, the fast-food chain got everyone talking. The aim of the campaign was to generate awareness and increase sales of The Dirty Louisiana and it will surely do that.



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