What are we going to be eating in 2017?

We are now nearly a week into the new year and Christmas and 2016 are becoming an distant memory.

With every new year comes predictions of what we are likely to be eating, wearing, doing, reading and watching.

2016 saw us tucking into freakshakes, frosé, and you guessed it, more avocados.

Here are some food trends to look out for in 2017:

More and more people are expected to go veggie so there will be a lot more meat-free options as a result.

However, there is expected to be a surge in fried chicken as it gets the foodie treatment. In previous years we’ve seen burgers, hot dogs and burritos get a gourmet twist and 2017 could see the humble fried chicken turned into something a little more special.

The war on waste is expected to rage on so look out for food that gives you more for your money and clever ways to cook with leftovers.

If you’re done with freakshakes, make room for ice cream roll ups. The Thai street food treat looks like a burrito filled with ice cream, fruit, sprinkles and just about anything else.

According to Sainsbury’s, edamame noodles, pea pasta and beetroot rice will be 2017’s answer to courgetti.

As the UK has put a tax on sugary drinks, alternative drinks are expected to rise. Forget coconut water, now look out for watermelon water.

The Sunday Times says that chefs are catching on to the idea of people Instagramming pictures of their food. (See my post on ‘foodstagram’  https://prbites1.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/has-social-media-changed-the-way-we-eat/ )

The Corner Room at Town Hall Hotel in London is specially lit, with dishes artfully arranged and selected cutlery to encourage Instagrammers to share pictures of their food. It seems this trend is one that won’t be going away.

What will you be eating in 2017?



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